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Don't Wanna Look Like A Lesbian

By Youth Noise, Nov 19, 2009 11:32 AM

Editor's note: This YouthNoise blog by Tara Conley originally appeared here as part of the Play City campaign. Play City seeks, through sports, to energize individuals, revitalize communities and catalyze change in the world.

Did anyone happened to catch Texas A&M's newly released media guide for the 2009-2010 women's basketball team? Or Florida State's women's basketball team website? Oh how times have changed since I was a college athlete.

The Seattle Times reporter Jayda Evans recently wrote about the newly redesigned women's collegiate media guides and websites with an overt feminized message. One has to question if this is some kind of attempt to re-brand female basketball players based on widely accepted views that if you're a female college athlete who plays basketball, odds are you're a lesbian.