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Samoans in the NFL: How Mainstream Media Hurts our Community

By Silicon Valley Debug, Jan 21, 2010 12:57 PM

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Editor's note: This piece by Val LiHang Jacobo originally appeared on Silicon Valley De-Bug.

Long Beach, CA - On Sunday, Jan 17, in the height of the NFL Playoffs, 60 Minutes, a CBS evening news show, aired a segment titled "American Samoa: a football island."

Silicon Valley Debug

"D'oh!" -- We Are All Part of the Simpsons' Family

By Silicon Valley Debug, Jan 15, 2010 9:17 AM

Editor's note: This Silicon Valley De-Bug piece was written by Angel Luna.

"D'oh" is more then just an expression, "d'oh" is the way to be. How many of you would have always wanted to live in the Springfield we all saw once a week? I met the Simpsons back in the 90s.  I was 8 years old, and it was in my living room in Oaxaca, Mexico. Bart Simpson was four years older then me. It was a very weird meeting because I'd never seen them before, but after a while it became part of my reality.

They were yellow and funny looking, I was brown and human looking. They were also Americans, but spoke a very clever Spanish through my screen. I was real and they were also real in their own way. And now, I've turned 25, am now living in San Jose, California, and the Simpsons just celebrated their 20th anniversary on the air.

Silicon Valley Debug

Mind-Altering Drugs Are the Criminal Justice System's New Lobotomy

By Silicon Valley Debug, Jan 6, 2010 2:01 PM

Editor's note: This piece, from Silicon Valley De-bug, was written by Justin Collins.

Have you ever heard of a Lobotomy procedure? This is when a doctor goes in above the eye, breaks through the bone and scrambles the frontal lobe -- essentially robbing the subject of their personality, ability to form opinions and perform basic motor skills, and creating a vegetable.

Lobotomies are now illegal in the United States, but the desire to deny people their free mind is not. Lobotomies were once used to punish juvenile delinquents, unfaithful wives and people the state considered incorrigible. Now the same outcome is achieved through potent psychoactive medications like Rxsperadol, Triazadone and Xyprexa. These medications were originally conceived to aid in schizophrenics with violent hallucinations, or in order to quell disturbing voices.

Silicon Valley Debug

"Precious" is About Women I Know

By Silicon Valley Debug, Nov 6, 2009 4:07 PM

Editor's note: This piece by Jean Melasaine originally appeared on Silicon Valley De-Bug.

When I saw the trailer for the new film "Precious" I cried. This film made me think a lot about an old life I was too familiar with. It made me think about a lot of women that I am close to. It made me think about my sister in her Tenderloin days, about that loud funny girl in class that smacked her gum too loud, about that girl in West Point who had AIDS and everyone stayed away from her, about that girl walking up and down Folsom pretending she has somewhere to go, about that teacher I used to have a crush on in middle school, about women. "Precious" women. This was their story.

Silicon Valley Debug

Help Not Wanted: Youth Respond to Their Highest Unemployment Rate Since WWII

By Silicon Valley Debug, Oct 22, 2009 1:05 PM

Editor's note: According to the Labor Department, the percentage of unemployed youth has reached an all time high since World War II, hitting 53.4%, while the amount of young people employed from ages 16 – 24 years old has gone down to 46.6%. Silicon Valley De-Bug asked young people in San Jose how they felt about their job prospects in these difficult times. Despite the shrinking set of job opportunities, we found these young adults are both pragmatic about what they need, and hopeful about what they can become.


comic by Rolando Barron

Silicon Valley Debug

CBS Reality Show Tales on New Meaning After Disaster Hits the Islands

By Silicon Valley Debug, Oct 20, 2009 1:42 PM

Editor's note: The following piece was written by San Jose Silicon Valley De-Bug writer Jean Melesaine.

My mom told me a couple of months ago in her beautiful broken English that ”(she thought) it was time to “go home” Home is where the heart is, or so I’m told. And if that’s true, Mother Nature just blew out her last heartbeat and CBS, with a crew of 20 or so Americans, competing in a reality game show called “Survivor” is/was there. Survivor is in Samoa. I watched the premiere and I bet you so did every other Samoan in the country that has access to CBS. It is about the only time you can see the island on prime time television unless you watched the show “Bizarre Foods” or the Rock does some kind of special on football.

Silicon Valley Debug

Confessions of a Youth Diet - Fast, Cheap, and Erratic

By Silicon Valley Debug, Oct 13, 2009 10:46 AM

Editor's note: The following, reprinted from NAM's San Jose youth media project Silicon Valley De-Bug, follows five young adults chronicling what they ate and drank for two days, from the time they got up to the time they went to sleep. All five have different backgrounds, jobs, living situations, and dietary habits. They vary from the guy who works at the mall and eats snack bar food on break to the college student living fat off of her girlfriend and birthday parties, to the homeless youth who has to hustle to get his meals when he can, to the skater who catches meals with friends on the go, to the young woman who lives with her family, but eats by herself.

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Former Migrant Farmworker Goes from Salinas Fields to Space

By Silicon Valley Debug, Sep 2, 2009 9:39 AM

Editor's note: Jose Hernandez, a former field worker from Salinas, is set to launch into space in early September. The NASA astronaut did not learn to speak English until he was 12 years old.  Silicon Valley De-Bug writer Angel Luna reflects on the reality of the American Dream for immigrant youth, and hopes Hernandez's achievement will set the bar higher for all Latino youth.  De-Bug, another of NAM's youth initiatives, is a collective of writers, artists, organizers, and workers based in San Jose, California.

As immigrants, America always tells us to dream and to strive for greatness -- like being the store manager of a Safeway, being the owner of a small business or becoming a member of the armed forces. There’s nothing wrong with these choices that we are presented with, but sometimes practicality is not the way to go.

Jose Hernandez, from migrant farmworker to astronaut, proved that we can aim higher. And in his journey to space, a message has been sent to young Latinos all across this country.