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Kristian Ramos

Latinos Leading the Smartphone Revolution

By Kristian Ramos, May 2, 2012 1:00 PM


My tia received an I-Pad last Christmas which, of course, led to my abuela and 7 year old prima fighting over the toy. My abuela has never turned on a desktop computer and has a fuzzy understanding of what the internet actually is, but when she gets going on Fruit Ninja the expression of bliss on her face must be seen to be believed. My prima, on the other hand, learned to type on a touch screen, is far better at Angry Birds then I ever will be, and interacts with the internet more on her mobile device then she ever will via a desktop computer. This experience is a microcosm of the changes facing the country and telecom industry in response to the profound shifts in technology and demography.

Kristian Ramos

Could Hispanic Mobile Media Usage Be Hurt by 'Spectrum' Crunch?

By Kristian Ramos, Apr 6, 2012 11:35 AM


Hispanics are interacting with mobile media more then ever, but a looming “spectrum,” crunch — the exhaustion of radio waves necessary to provide voice, text and internet services to mobile phones and tablets — may derail the gains that this community has recently made.