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A Letter to Senator Vitter

By Erik Fowle, Oct 13, 2009 11:02 AM

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Dear Senator Vitter,

I read your blog post on Big Government, and I just want to say – nice try.

Let me just get this out there, put it in the open for you. I don’t think your amendment, or the motives behind it, lie completely within the realm of redistricting and federal allocation. No, Senator Vitter, I think you have much darker intentions behind your proposed change.

Erik Fowle

Obama's Education Speech Leaves Questions Unanswered

By Erik Fowle, Sep 9, 2009 2:01 PM

Editor's Note: America's eyes were trained on President Obama yesterday as he spoke on the state of American education--but what, EthnoBlog education commentator Erik Fowle asks, did our students learn from the speech, and how did it differ from the education speeches of past presidents?  Fowle analyzes the tone President Obama struck in addressing our nation's students, which may have left them with more questions than answers.

Yesterday morning, President Obama stood in front of a group of Wakefield, VA high school students, as well as countless others tuning in online, to deliver a speech on education. Yesterday morning, President Obama urged students to take responsibility for their education, and told them that simply not trying wasn’t an option. Yesterday morning, President Obama, for the first time in his young presidency, did not sound like the Harvard-educated Commander-in-Chief that he is. He sounded instead like a disappointed – angry, even – parent scolding his children.

Erik Fowle

The Race to the Top is Already Over

By Erik Fowle, Aug 25, 2009 4:45 PM

Editor's note: How are America's teachers being evaluated and compensated?  EthnoBlogger Erik Fowle examines President Obama's recently unveiled Race To The Top initiative and its implications for America's persistent education gap.  Erik is a 2009 graduate of Colgate University, and a NAM intern who comments regularly on education issues.

President Obama--or, as I prefer, dude--you can’t just reward teacher performances with cash incentives. Test scores shouldn’t have the power to represent teacher and student growth. Don’t get me wrong, I like you Obama. I voted for you. I support you. But some of these initiatives you’ve introduced for education reform just don’t make sense.

Erik Fowle

Public vs. Private: What Diversity in High School Really Teaches Us

By Erik Fowle, Aug 11, 2009 12:38 PM

Editor's Note: NAM intern Erik Fowle weighs in on the lack of diverse representation in higher education private schooling. This is the second blog post in our series covering education issues. Fowle writes: 

Recently, I was shocked to learn from my mom that a family friend of ours had decided to send her son to a private high school because she didn’t want him going to a school in the kind of environment, with “the kind of people” at my public high school. The kinds of people she was no doubt referring to were those of color, of varying ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds. To her, the type of learning environment these students presented to her son seemed hostile.