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Elena Kadvany

What Health Care Could Mean for Students

By Elena Kadvany, Mar 24, 2010 10:29 AM

 As of Tuesday, the historic health care bill was officially signed into law.

As a journalism student at New York University, I pride myself on knowing what’s going on in the news. Like that the bill was enacted on Tuesday. I also like to know the significance of the news. Like what the bill now means for America. And me.

Elena Kadvany

Protests, Tension Unite UC Students

By Elena Kadvany, Mar 6, 2010 6:55 AM

The past weeks have seen chaos in the form of social change spread like wildfire across the University of California campuses. A dance party turned riot at UC Berkeley last Thursday. Students are still recovering from a slew of racially charged incidents. Hundreds of UC students lobbied legislators in Sacramento for funding on Monday (and five were arrested).

But in the midst of all the uncertainty and disorder, something exciting is happening at the UC campuses. Although the budget cuts are a threat to the future, and the highly publicized racial incidents unimaginably worse, the passionate solidarity emerging among students is as unexpected as it is empowering. A community has been born in protest. United by crisis, cross-campus student activist movements are standing up to defend public education.