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SFSU Students Share How They Will Vote Today

By Anthony May, Nov 2, 2010 1:45 PM

Editor's note: NAM contributor Anthony May asked SFSU students about what issues they care about how they will vote today. Anthony Parish is a senior studying Cinema. Kiara Brown is a Women's studies major, and Kayler Rayden is an International Studies major.

1. How you been following the Midterm elections?  
Anthony Parish: Yes, I've been following the elections, though not as closely as I'd like to. I am voting as well.
Kiara Brown: I've not been following the Midterm elections. I've received information about different propositions but I haven't kept up with everything like I did two years ago. 
Kayler Rayden: I've been following the elections very close. I'm voting for the governor and some of the propositions.