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Foster Teens, Advocates Address Issue of Aging Out at 'First-ever' Youth-led Hearing

By Alan King, Jan 27, 2010 2:31 PM

EDITOR’S NOTE: Washington Post Columnist Petula Dvorak covered the preparation of this hearing in her column, Normal Teens, Except for their Heartbreaking Circumstances. The article below is a follow-up to that hearing.

While most 18 year olds are preparing for prom or the college experience, Derek Reid is just trying to survive. He’s been in the D.C. foster care system for three years, lives in a group home on Capitol Hill and is on his third social worker.

Alan King

CDC Encourages Flu Shots, Dispels Fears

By Alan King, Nov 2, 2009 12:19 PM

Editor's note: Journalist and poet Alan King has written for East of the River (a publication of Capitol Community News), New America Media and the Prince George’s County Gazette.  This post originally appeared here, on his blog.

The copycat illnesses have ruined everything. To hear the health experts tell it, it’s almost impossible now for influenza to stand out in a crowd. A dry cough, a sore throat — even a runny nose — is not enough to get anyone’s attention anymore.