President Obama can sit back and relax today. It ain’t gonna be a nail-biter. The White House is his until 2016. 

According to one Hindu astrologer from India, “Obama has Capricorn ascendant with Saturn in Capricorn, giving rise to Sasa Yoga (yoga in astrology means planetary configuration), one of the Mahapurusha (great man) Yogas, which confer high status and position, kingship, etcetera,” asserts Prasannan, a Jyotish astrologer from India, in a letter to India-West, a weekly newspaper based in San Leandro, Calif.

Obama could have kept himself from going gray had he consulted this astrologer before he began his re-election bid. He should have taken a leaf out of former First Lady Nancy Reagan’s book. Nancy peeked at the stars before she made important decisions. Obviously, she was not very discreet about it, and poor Ronald became guilty by association, resulting in his catching some heat from a delegation from the Federation of American Scientists.

“In our opinion,” they wrote to him, “no person whose decisions are based, even in part, on such evident fantasies can be trusted to make the many serious—and even life-and-death—decisions required of American Presidents."

To which The Gipper cordially responded, "Let me assure you that while Nancy and I enjoy glancing at the daily astrology charts in our morning paper, we do not plan our daily activities or our lives around them."

But rumor had it that Nancy changed the time and date of scheduled events, canceled trips and severely restricted activities outside the White House.

Be that as it may, but what of Mitt?

“Mitt Romney has Taurus ascendant, with Moon in Scorpio and Sun in Aquarius. His ascendant plus 7 of the 9 planets are in fixed signs; this provides power and stability, but also gives rigidity, and inflexibility,” said Prasannan.

Sadly, “no Mahapurusha Yoga is seen in his chart,” he added.

The astrologer also weighed in on the candidates’ performance in the debates in their race to the White House.

The planet Mercury, he said, was so well positioned last March that it gave Mitt a clear victory in the first debate in the Republican primaries against Rick Santorum.

And what of his victory against Obama in their first debate?

“From October 2 to 20,” Prasannan said, “he was in Sun-Mercury-Mars period, the same 3 planets which contribute to the strong Yoga in his chart. This gave him a clear victory in the first debate, and caused the gap to close between challenger and incumbent.”

Mercifully, the stars were in Obama’s favor in the next two debates.

So those of you who are planning to vote for Mitt Romney today should save your energy for better things or, as Jane Austen would have put it: “Keep your breath to cool your porridge.”

I hate to say it, but for those who have already voted for him, it was an exercise in futility.