What I see downtown at the Republican National Convention is not a reflection of America in the 21st Century. What it seems more like is a throwback to the TV America of the 1950's. And it is unfortunate that this race has devolved into something equivalent to turning back the hands of time into this sort of nostalgia and selective amnesia of "The Good Old Days." A time where minorities and women were on the margins or non-existent in the mainstream of America.

Four years ago the country was filled with hope and optimism. It is unfortunate and sad that now many in the GOP have trekked down the road of negativity, cynicism and the propagating of outright untrue statements to win this election. I would hope that forward thinking Americans galvanize their forces once again in November to show that we can embrace the 21st century and the diversity that reflects what this country is in this century. And continue down the road we have paved to create a more expansive road, one that all can participate in and that allows constructive discourse to move our country forward.

Edwin Buggage is the editor of Data News Weekly, which serves the African American community in Louisiana, and is CEO/President at EB Media Group. He is currently in Tampa for the Republican National Convention.