Around this time of year when the fogs seems a little less thick and the sun a lot more warm here in San Francisco, I enter the same debate with myself: to go out or not to go out? It is perfectly easy to stay in where the witty repertoire of Tumblr is here to keep me plenty company at the comfort of my beanbag chair. But so long as my laptop is on, Schemer, an activity engine integrated with Google+, and, a one-stop website with information on federal recreation areas, will be my portals to local excursions this summer.  The U.S. Department of Interior’s partnership with Schemer and redesign of are a part of President Obama’s America’s Great Outdoors (AGO) initiative to reconnect Americans to the outdoors, making it “easier for people to plan a visit to a national park and army corps. campsites,” Director of New Media Time Fullerton said in a Google+ Hangout.

“There are so many young people who we are now connecting to the outdoors,” Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar said in a Google+ Hangout. “Every year, we are able to provide jobs for about 20,000 young people. That to me is very gratifying…and I know how these experiences frame a young mind.”

Schemer comes in the form of a website and App, allowing users to “discover new things to do, share schemes with friends, and make the most of your day,” according to their website ( Senator Salazar said such online resources would inspire in young people an outdoor enthusiasm in which “they’ll leave their gadgets (iPods, iPads) behind and enjoy what they’re doing: hiking, biking, fishing, and camping—it’s a whole experience.”

“You can go to and type in your state to find a map of [federal recreation areas] and make reservations right there.” Fullerton said. “Both the government and the private industry are doing a great job of creating new tools that allow easier access [to outdoor activities.]”