Sarah Palin is heading to South Korea to attend… wait for it, let the anticipation linger… the World Knowledge Forum. (Raucous laughter) This is the woman who last year after the shelling of a South Korean island told listeners of the Glen Beck show that we must “Stand with our North Korean allies.”

It’s just too good, and too bad that Mr. Stewart is out on vacation. I wonder if he isn’t kicking himself at the missed opportunity.

According to the Korean newspaper Maeil, Palin is among a number of noteworthy names attending the conference, which will focus on “how to successfully navigate through the drastically altered global management environment following the global financial crisis.”

Other attendees include former British Prime Minster Gordon Brown and Amy Chua of Tiger Mama fame. Ms. Palin, the paper notes, will speak on ways in which the United States can help lead the world out of its current economic morass.

She also plans during her first visit to the country to meet with contenders in the upcoming presidential race there, which include Geun-hye Park, the daughter of the former dictator who ruled South Korea for nearly two decades and is credited by many for laying the foundations of the country’s later economic success.

As a poster child for the Tea Party, therefore, her message of less government is likely to be lost on deaf ears. She is going to a country that in near-lightning speed went from one of the poorest to one of the most affluent nations on earth… precisely because of big government.

Whether or not she’s aware of that particular piece of knowledge is as doubtful as is her ability to distinguish between the two halves of the peninsula. Perhaps, though, she can take a page from her hosts on how to resolve the political rift in Washington.