A group of Asian Americans in support of LGBT rights is trying a new tactic to attract attention to the cause of marriage equality: dancing flash mobs.

San Francisco-based organization API (Asian Pacific Islander) Equality held its first dancing flash mob Sunday in the park at Portsmouth Square in San Francisco's Chinatown -- the first time the group used
dance to encourage Asian communities to support marriage equality, reports World Journal.

At 1:00 p.m, approximately 80 young people wearing colorful T-shirts and holding Chinese signs broke out dancing for five minutes. Many of them are Chinese Americans who grew up in Chinatown.

API Equality director Tawal Panyacosit told the World Journal that in many Chinese communities, LGBT issues are not spoken about. He said the purpose of the flash mob was to convey the message that as LGBT people, they want love, tolerance, and the support of their families and communities -- and that they are proud of being LGBT as well as being Chinese.

API Equality is planning future flash mobs in Cupertino and San Mateo.