“If a Peruvian doesn’t eat well, it’s because he’s outside of his country,” according to an old Peruvian saying. In the Bay Area, Peruvian restaurants could be proving the traditional wisdom wrong. This Sunday, more than 24 Bay Area food vendors are teaming up for the third annual Peruvian Food Festival at Civic Center Plaza, reports El Mensajero.

Last year’s festival brought more than 18,000 people, according to festival organizers. This year they hope for an even larger turnout.

Festival organizer Nancy Orrego said that some Peruvian chefs and restaurant owners initially resisted the idea of the festival three years ago, believing that there was not enough interest in Peruvian food in San Francisco. That year's massive turnout surprised everyone: many vendors ran out of food. Since then, vendors have been eager to participate.

This year, Bay Area Peruvian restaurants like Emelina’s, El Perol, and Fresca will serve more than 40 traditional dishes, including favorites like ceviche, escabeche de pollo (poached chicken) and papa a la huancaina (sliced potatoes covered in spicy cheese sauce).

The event will also include Peruvian music, such as cumbia, bolero, and traditional Andean music. Peruvian art will also be displayed.

The festival is sponsored in part by local Latino media such as Univisión 14, El Mensajero, as well as Latino businesses.

This year’s celebration commemorates the 190th anniversary of Peru’s independence from Spain. The festival opens at 10:00 a.m. and closes at 7:00 p.m. on Sunday.