A Fremont high school senior recently completed a nearly 1,000-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Salt Lake City to raise money for cancer research. Sixteen-year-old Chris Chan founded  Ride Against Cancer after his father died from Sarcoma cancer last year. Chan told the World Journal that he was able to raise about $4,500, and is now trying to raise another $500 to complete his goal of $5,000.

Chan said the most challenging part of the trip was the last day, day 10, when he had to ride 130 miles in 13 hours from Wendover to Salt Lake City. He documented the trip on his blog.

Chan was born in Vancouver, and came to the Bay Area at age 11. He will be a senior at American High School in Fremont. He said he isn't sure if he will be able to do another trip next summer after graduation, but he said he will continue to raise money for cancer research.