Long after the world’s news media moved on, victims of the massive earthquake and resulting tsunami and nuclear reactors’ explosions that rocked northern Japan on March 11 remain on the forefront of Japanese-American communities’ concerns. Fundraising for ongoing relief efforts continue and one San Francisco organization--the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California--has raised more than $2.6 million to date, reports Rafu Shimpo.

“On April 18, the JCCCNC sent two volunteers to meet with the organizations that have received funds from the JCCCNC and other non-governmental and service organizations to determine the changing
needs and gaps in services,” the paper reported. They visited the Tohoku region and discussed strategies to address needs for mental health and post-traumatic stress counseling.

So far JCCCNC has given $1.75 million to various organizations, primarily YMCAs that work “to provide services and relief for the victims of the earthquake, tsunami and threat of nuclear radiation,”
reports Rafu Shimpo.

You can support the people of Japan by making a donation at www.jcccnc.org.

Andrew Lam is the author of
East Eats West: Writing in Two Hemispheres.