When the first wave of teaser trailers for Judd Apatow’s Bridesmaids hit the airwaves offering the world a female version to the hilarious, drug induced Hang Over series all I could think was: finally!

Finally, Hollywood got with the program that women have a raunchy side that doesn’t necessary include getting in touch with our emotions 24/7 or running around in airbrushed leather outfits.
 In brief summary Bridesmaids is about an out of work baker who gets asked to be her childhood friend’s maid of honor for her wedding. She then is forced to compete against the bride’s financially loaded friend who is doing everything in her power to drive a rift between the two women. The events in the movie magnify every aspect of what could essentially go wrong during the pre-planning stages of a wedding. 

I myself, who was the maid of honor at my friend’s wedding last year, could definitely connect to many of the anxiety ridden moments of complete utter frustration of trying to be the “good maid of honor” which ends with all your efforts being completely disappointing from all sides of the spectrum: from my dress shopping, to the bridal shower to biting back a snide remark that would ultimately get you canned. 

Unfortunately, looking at Bridesmaids as a whole was a lot like looking at the seams of a giant wedding dress. From a distance it looks amazing, but upon close examination of the snitching it is easy to tell that the designers spent so much time working on the first section and making it so over the top that by the time they got to the second half they clearly caved to the traditional styles and left the work as a whole rather mismatched. 

Upon leaving the theatre I felt very – torn. On the one hand, the first half of the movie is hilarious and definitely leaves you with many memorial moments, but ultimately I couldn’t help but feel like comedy fell back into being a standard ‘chick flick’. 

The term chick flick itself has multiple facets. On the one hand, it looks like the Cameron Diaz film My Sister’s Keeper: an emotionally twisted tale about a girl refusing to give her dying sister an organ that would allow her to live. I bet you can already feel your tear ducts leaking. 

The second “chick flick” label is the standard cliche ‘pin-up’. One clear example of the latest comic book turned movie Sucker Punch, an oversexed, under acted sham of an action flick that’s only goal was to display girls walking around in barely there leather attire. 

The unique frames of women in movies are few are far between that even the most startling of them all fails to break the stereotypes and classifies itself into the under-evolving ‘chick flick’ genre when in fact Bridesmaids could have just been a straight up comedy that defied any of the traditional standards that have been traditional for women in movies.

Woman stays home and cooks.
Woman reaches a life changing emotional epiphany.
Woman gets nearly naked and learns a lesson. 

Even when Bridesmaids tries to break this formula by the end they are essentially apologizing with the sudden U-turn that you have to ask yourself if there were in fact two movies going on at once. 

There have been no recent movies that allow women to just be sugar induced entertaining without having to justify it with an emotional revolution. You don’t see action/comedy guy fronted comedies following that same style and women enjoy those too! So what’s the deal? 

While Bridesmaids gives us a taste of “silver screen equality”, the act of shattering that particular glass ceiling may take a little more time.