Food trucks and the customers who love them are gathering at Fort Mason tonight for another “Off the Grid” street food party, a mobile food festival that serves up tasty treats in various locations every week. One of the food trucks featured at tonight’s event is IZ IT Fresh Grill, which serves up Hawaiian-Chinese fusion -- and a secret fried chicken recipe known to many who have visited Kwong Shing market on Clement Street.

When 39-year-old Chinese-American Jeff Kong was laid off from his job at a a bio-tech company where he had worked for 10 years, he was finally able to start the food truck business he had long dreamed of.

Interviewed by KTSF Channel 26, Kong said he had planned to start a food truck about three years ago and to better understand the business, he drove down to Los Angeles and waited in line for three hours to try out the Kogi's Korean Barbeque Taco, which had gained great popularity and fame for its fusion cuisine.

Kong’s food truck, called "IZ IT," is a fusion of Chinese and Hawaiian food, and he says his secret weapon is his family's secret recipe for fried chicken. Kong's grandparents used to own Kwong Shing market, which was known for its fried chicken, on Clement Street in San Francisco's Richmond district.

"It was very juicy inside and very crispy outside. It was delicious," said Kong, who said he experimented many times to get the same flavor.

One of the clients, Maria Sid, said she grew up in San Francisco and has known Kwong Shing's fried chicken for a long time, so when she heard IZ IT had the secret recipe for Kwong Shing's fried chicken, she came to try it out. Another client, Jonny Thack, told KTSF the food is bit pricey but definitely worth it.

Since its opening, IZ IT Fresh Grill has been participating in the "Off the Grid" events across the city. Within a year, IZ IT has gained popularity among foodies. Customers can track the food truck on Facebook and Twitter.