Goh Nakamura, a San Francisco Bay Area based musician who writes ditties about parking tickets, impossible crushes and faraway dreamlands, is getting the attention he finally deserves. In
“Surrogate Valentine,” a movie that closed out the San Francisco Asian American film Festival last week, Nakamura plays himself, a low-key musician “barely scraping by playing live gigs and teaching guitar,” as noted in the movie’s webpage http://surrogatevalentine.com/.

The Asian blog site, 8Asians, raved about the movie.  “The film, which is an augmented reality biopic (making it neither a documentary or complete fiction) about Goh Nakamura features wry writing and well acted dialogue with sly and believable whimsy in a thoughtfully pieced story,” notes 8Asian.

What also turns 8 Asians on is the “smart acting with extraordinary comic timing, great use of black and white film, superb sound editing, plus a list of credits and cameos that highlights a lot of great artists within the Asian American community including Scrabbel, Invisible Cities, Brian Fukushima, and Derek Kirk Kim.”

Indeed, if the buzz and raves are anything to go by, it is doubtful that Nakamura will really play himself in the sequel, which is already in the work. He’ll be a star playing a humbler version of himself.

Andrew Lam is author of East Eats West: Writing in Two Hemispheres.