Since the earthquake in Japan, Chinese fish market and restaurant owners say the prices of Japanese fish and seafood products are going up. As a result, some Bay Area sushi restaurants that import products from Japan are considering taking those items off the menu, reports the Sing Tao Daily.

Daisy Li, owner of Moonstar Buffet, told the Sing Tao that her restaurant normally imports many raw ingredients from Japan. But vendors have started to raise the price of Japanese seafood, and the restaurant has had to temporarily change its menu, replacing some of the dishes.

A former restaurant owner who used to run a sushi restaurant in Millbrae told the Sing Tao that more expensive, upscale Japanese restaurants will be most affected by the price change, since less expensive sushi restaurants are more likely to buy cheaper seafood from other places like Canada.

Restaurant owners are also concerned that consumers might be afraid to eat Japanese seafood for fear of nuclear radiation. But the fears may be overstated, the Sing Tao Daily reports, since many wholesalers and restaurants are selling seafood that they bought before the earthquake.