San Francisco’s Spanish-language newspaper El Mensajero visited the Giants’ spring training in Arizona, and found some new promising Latino players. The newspaper was the only Spanish-language media outlet to accompany the World Series champs in their training, reports José Luis Aguirre.
After interviewing some familiar faces, including Venezuelan Pablo Sandoval and Puerto Rican Andrés Torres, El Mensajero reported that there are some new Latino players to watch out for in the lineup this season.

One of them is Dominican shortstop Miguel Tejada, who has played with the Oakland As and is replacing Edgar Renteria.

The Giants also have a new beard to fear, and a new pitcher, Mexican American Sergio Romo, who was born in Brawley, Calif.

When asked about his beard, Romo explained that he was a class clown and a jokester.

Romo said his father, who played baseball in Mexicali, Baja California, gave him his first glove when he was two years old.

“We are proud to be Latino, and even more when we’re helping the team to be champions. The team is strong, the players look ready and we know what victory tastes like. Now we are working to get back to that time and that place,” Romo told El Mensajero.