Lady Gaga, who graced the stage at Oakland's Oracle Coliseum Tuesday night, has been catching flak from bloggers in Korea over accusations that the pop diva stole the music for her latest hit "Born This Way" from the Korean girl band Girls’ Generation.

"Lady Gaga definitely ripped off Girls' Generation," wrote one blogger, who was quoted in Korea's Chosun Daily. "The music is exactly the same." Another blogger wrote, with a touch of sarcasm, that "Lady Gaga must be a fan of SNSD," referring to Girls' Generation by the initials of the band's Korean name.

One of the band's lead vocalists, Jessica Jung, is a native of San Francisco. Their track "Be Happy" appeared on the 2010 album "Oh," the second to be released by the nine-member band, which enjoys a massive following throughout Korea and much of Asia.

Others have noted that music aside, the message in both songs is strikingly similar. Defenders of Lady Gaga say that pop songs in general tend to sound alike and that any connection between the two songs is purely coincidental. The controversy heated up after a YouTube video appeared with samples from the two songs played back to back.

E-Tribe, the company that produced the latest album from Girls' Generation, says it is not currently considering legal action.

Lady Gaga has faced similar accusations in the past, the most recent being that "Born This Way" borrows directly from Madonna’s “Express Yourself” and “Vogue.”

Korean bands in the past have often been accused of stealing music from their western counterparts.