The Sikh Coalition is warning Sikh Americans that they should always expect to undergo secondary screening at U.S. airports because the new Advanced Imaging Technology machines cannot see through the layers of a turban, reports Sade Lok newspaper.
The coalition, a New York-based civil rights advocacy group, has updated its guide for air travelers to reflect the new screening procedures.

Sikhs can opt out of going through the AIT machine but must then be prepared for a rigorous, full-body pat-down, including their turban.

Even after an AIT check, a turban must first go through a pat-down to scan for nonmetallic items and then be subjected to a hand-held metal detector search to scan for metallic items.

Last November, Daljeet Singh Mann, a Sikh businessman, was required to remove his turban twice within days, once at San Francisco International Airport and once at Sacramento International Airport, reports India West. He has filed a formal complaint with the Transportation Security Administration. The Sikh Coalition says officials told him that if he had problems with TSA policies, he should not travel.