A spate of robberies centered around the El Camino business district in Silicon Valley has Korean business owners on edge, reports the Korea Times. The newspaper reports that a Korean-owned jewelry shop was robbed last week in what appeared to be a repeat of an robbery late last year of another Korean-owned jewelry store. In the earlier robbery, the suspects reportedly got a large sum of cash. No details were given on how much was lost in last week's incident.
The Korea Times also noted that vehicle break-ins are on the rise in the neighborhood. One long-time Korean resident said that in her 30-plus years in the area, she's never seen the crime rate spike so sharply.

"It used to be very friendly and safe here, but not anymore," she told the newspaper.

Another elderly resident of nearby Sunnyvale urged people to "take preventative measures to reduce crime in the area." He added that in his view, the crime wave is related to the recent economic downturn and the downsizing of the local police force.