Popular for a long time in Asian countries, the "big-eyes" contact lens -- contacts that make your pupils look dilated -- is gaining popularity in Asian communities in the Bay Area, especially among girls. The contact lenses make your eyes look bigger, and cost about $60 a pair, reports Trista Wang for KTSF Channel 26.

There’s just one catch. The lenses aren’t FDA approved.

UCSF ophthalmology associate professor Bennie Jeng described the contact lenses as purely cosmetic products and said many ophthalmologists still had not heard about them.

In the United States, contact lenses are considered medical products and require a prescription for their purchase. Even though certain types of colored lenses are approved by the FDA, KTSF reports, none of the pupil-enlarging lenses have been approved. Those who are buying the lenses online for cosmetic purposes are risking the health of their eyes, the TV news program warned.

The FDA approves colored lenses that are produced through a double-lens technology that seals the coloring between two lenses.

Unapproved lenses may be manufactured through a simpler technology that applies the color directly to the lens, which puts the dye in direct contact with the eye.