As gourmet eateries pop up all over the Mission District and Mexican restaurants close down, the Spanish-language newspaper El Mensajero asks: "Is this the end of the enchilada in the Mission?" Editor Maria Mejia reflects on the changing character of the Mission in an editorial this week: "Can you imagine what the Mission neighborhood would be without its Latino restaurants, without its fruterías, without the colors of its murals?" she asks. "I really don't want to imagine it."

Mi Lindo Yucatan, Mariachi’s Taquería, and Los Rosales are the latest Mexican restaurants in the neighborhood to shut down in what some observers say is a new social change taking place in the Mission, reports Ricardo Ibarra for El Mensajero. Yelp reviews for these restaurants have a long list of regulars wondering what happened to their favorite Mexican restaurant.

Aurora Grajeda, a social activist who has lived in the Mission for more than 40 years, told El Mensajero that the Mission is no longer the neighborhood it used to be. "It's a social change," she said. "A lot of businesses have had to move to the suburbs. Since 'yuppies' started opening businesses on Valencia, the cost of rent went up. It is no longer a vibrant, low-cost place. Rents went up a lot and for many Mexican families living here became prohibitive."