The immigrant population in the Bay Area from cricket-playing countries has led to an explosion of cricketing leagues. The Indus Cricket Club, for example, was established in 1998 and represents about 60 players from Milpitas. The club even has its own home ground, the Rancho Softball Field.
But soon after its first winter home game against the Santa Clara Mavericks, the Indus Cricket Club is finding its future on shaky ground, reports Ritu Jha for India Abroad.

The cricket field is cracked because of a lack of sprinklers and cannot conform to Northern California Cricket Association (NCCA) safety standards.

Sridhar Reddi of the Union City Cricket Club fell on the ground and broke his thumb. NCCA board member Ozair Nana said his sons, both cricket players in the minor leagues, told him the ground has large cracks and is bare of grass because of lack of irrigation.

The Indus Cricket Club claims it spent $15,000 to build a cricket pitch but because of a lack of sprinklers the pitch developed cracks. The NCCA's inspection committee has banned the field for future matches, leaving the club homeless.

The club's treasurer, Pavan Vedere, says he has been trying to resolve this with city officials for the past three years. John Cimino, the director of maintenance operations at the school district, suggested the club move to another venue because the district could not afford to spend money on another project at a time of severe budget cuts. The Indus Cricket Club is willing to invest in the sprinklers (which could cost up to $25,000) but isn’t willing to shoulder the monthly electric bill, which could cost up to $1,000.