Ever since Yale law professor Amy Chua's article “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior" was published in the Wall Street Journal, an online debate has raged over whether the pressure Chinese parents put on their kids is a good thing. Now a local Chinese-language newspaper is weighing in.
Mei-Huey Huang, editor of the Millbrae-based World Journal, writes that in the past, when Chinese newspapers published articles about Chinese kids receiving an award — something that happens not infrequently — Chinese parents wrote in to complain. According to Huang, readers asked the editors not to put too much emphasis on "outstanding Chinese kids," because they said it could easily result in unnecessary pressure on their own kids.

Huang, who is a mother living in Silicon Valley, adds that the image of Chinese parents as described in Amy Chua's article is also "exaggerated and loses part of the reality."

"Just as a westernized Chinese restaurant can never satisfy an authentic Chinese appetite, when Chinese mothers read about Chua, they do not feel like they’re looking into a mirror, but feel more like they’re looking into a distorted mirror," Huang writes.

New America Now radio's Shirin Sadeghi spoke with Amy Chua about her book, the controversy and what she really meant the book to mean. Listen here.