Could gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman be hoping to make up for losing potential Latino votes with Vietnamese ones?

Whitman hit Little Saigon in San Jose over the weekend and got a warm welcome, reports CaliToday.

Whitman showed up at the Saigon Kitchen restaurant where over a dozen representatives of Vietnamese media greeted her. "Meg Whitman stands around six feet tall, with a broad forehead, and is extremely articulate. She stands out brightly among the crowd," gushed CaliToday. In Vietnamese culture a broad forehead signifies intelligence. After the Saigon Kitchen visit, she posed for photographs in front of Grand Century Mall in San Jose while a crowd cheered, "Meg Whitman! Meg Whitman!"

CaliToday noted that "Meg Whitman is the highest ranking contender to visit the Vietnamese community" and showed that she "really cares about the Vietnamese community." But it also acknowledged that Whitman is trailing Jerry Brown by eight to 10 points according to latest polls.

Whitman also made a campaign stop in Little Saigon in Orange County back in June. According to Nguoi Viet newspaper, Hector Barajas, spokesman for the Whitman campaign, was quoted as saying, "The Vietnamese community has grown in power and influence and has been a strong voting bloc in California. The Vietnamese are an important constituency for Meg Whitman in order for her to win."

NAM editor, Andrew Lam, is author of  "East Eats West: Writing in Two Hemispheres."