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Nina Martin

Ethnic Voters Rally Around Boxer, Field Poll Shows

By Nina Martin, Oct 29, 2010 7:07 AM

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The most interesting thing about the latest Field Poll, which (like a slew of other recent surveys) shows Democrat Barbara Boxer widening her lead over GOP challenger Carly Fiorina (in this case, by a hefty 8 percentage points), is the ethnic breakdown of the results. Like the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Jerry Brown, Boxer enjoys huge leads among blacks, Latinos, Chinese- and Korean-Americans (Fiorina is slightly ahead among non-Latino whites).

Sandip Roy

Local Jewish Group on Anti-Israel List

By Sandip Roy, Oct 28, 2010 3:30 PM

The Anti-Defamation League's list of the top 10 anti-Israel groups in America includes a Bay Area Jewish organization, reports j., a Northern California Jewish news weekly.

Jacob Simas

UC Berkeley Partners with Mexico on Health Care for Migrants

By Jacob Simas, Oct 27, 2010 11:15 AM

Health officials from the central Mexican state of Zacatecas announced earlier this month that they are working with UC Berkeley to establish health clinics in California to serve low-income migrants, according to a report published by Frontera Norte-Sur, an online news source about the US-Mexico border published by New Mexico State University.

Odette Keeley

Candidate Would be Berkeley's First Lesbian Filipina Council Member

By Odette Keeley, Oct 26, 2010 10:30 AM

For the first time, the city of Berkeley may have a Filipina and openly lesbian City Council member, reports weekly Filipino-American newspaper Philippine News.

Andrew Lam

Meg Whitman Courts Vietnamese American Voters

By Andrew Lam, Oct 26, 2010 10:15 AM

Could gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman be hoping to make up for losing potential Latino votes with Vietnamese ones?

Whitman hit Little Saigon in San Jose over the weekend and got a warm welcome, reports CaliToday.

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