While the battle over California's Proposition 8 continues to play out in the courts, the war of ideology surrounding it is taking place in the media — most recently, in the pages of California’s major Korean-language dailies. This week, they ran an ad showing two wedding rings linked to form the number eight, with the slogan “Recover the meaning of marriage” emblazoned across it. The ad is part of a campaign spearheaded by the Rev. Tae-hwan Shin, pastor of Zion Presbyterian Church in Albany and a staunch opponent of same-sex marriage.
Shin paid for the high cost of placing the ads, which appeared in the Korea Times and Korea Daily, among other publications, out of his own pocket. While Shin says he does not harbor hatred towards members of the gay community, he insists that their nature is “against the teachings of Jesus Christ.”

There are some 300 Korean churches across Northern California, and the overwhelming majority of their members strongly oppose gay marriage. Progressive Korean groups, meanwhile, have come out in support of last month’s decision in which a federal judge in San Francisco overturned Prop. 8, a voter-approved law banning same-sex marriage.