Sutter Health’s California Pacific Medical Center is denying claims made by the California Nurses Association (CNA) that it discriminates in hiring Filipino and foreign-graduate nurses. Three employees of St. Luke’s Hospital, a Sutter affiliate in San Francisco, have filed complaints charging that between 2007 and 2009 an informal no-hiring policy kept out Filipino nurses.
Dr. Warren Browner, CEO of CPMC, contends the allegations are “dishonest and without merit,” reports Nicholas Von Wettberg for the Fil-Am Star. “The CNA claims that, based on CPMC’s own numbers, it can show a pattern of discrimination in the hiring of Filipino nurses,” Browner said in a statement. “But those numbers do not exist.”

For the past three years, the CNA and CPMC have been in bitterly contested contract negotiations. CPMC officials are convinced the employment discrimination claims are a means to methodically divert attention away from the stalemate at the bargaining table.