Meeting that special someone is not usually easy, but for Korean Buddhists in the Bay Area it can be extra difficult. Korean-Americans are overwhelmingly Christian, so meeting fellow Buddhists, whether for friendship or romance, is a challenge. But the Korean-language daily Korea Times reports that TARA, an organization for young practicing Korean Buddhists in Northern California, is trying to help facilitate those connections. Last Saturday, about 30 Korean-American Buddhists from around the country gathered at a TARA event in the home of local businessman Hae Duk Park in Los Gatos, hoping to meet one another and perhaps find the perfect partner.
"When you look for a partner, you need to judge with your inner eye," Park told the Korea Times.

Eu Yong Seo, a Korean-American woman who works for a semiconductor company in Dallas, Texas, said that many of her friends travel to Korea to meet prospective marriage partners. Meetings like the one in Los Gatos allow her to look for a partner without the long and expensive journey to her home country. A representative for TARA said the group hopes to organize future gatherings that cut across lines of race and religion.

The group is named for Tara, a divine bodhisattva of the Himalayan regions. Millions of people call upon "Great Noble Tara" in times of difficulty — and many of the people attending the gathering felt they needed all the help they could get, divine or not. After all, Koreans say that meeting the right person is “like catching a star in the sky.”