Baseball will meet Bollywood to celebrate India’s Independence Day on Sunday, Aug. 15 reports India West. The San Francisco Giants will face off against the San Diego Padres at AT&T Park but the game will have a distinct Indian flavor.
Eleven-year-old Rahul Awasty will announce “play ball” in Hindi. Local Bollywood dance troupes will perform on the field. There will be food and dancing and singing at Willie Mays Plaza near the entrance to the stadium. Unavoidably, there will also be some speeches from board members of the National Federation of Indian American Associations and the Federation of Indo American Associations of Northern California, which are coordinating the event. But if that brings down the energy, there will be some wild dhol-playing, or drumming, up in the stands. And ticket holders will also get an Indian-themed Giants tote bag. FIANC president Rajeev Awasty told India West’s Lisa Tsering that only “standing room” tickets were available. No word on what you call “baseball” in Hindi though, since the game doesn’t exist in India. Perhaps “American cricket?”