Feathers flew as sheriff's deputies and police officers arrested dozens of cockfighting aficionados in the Napa County city of American Canyon recently, reports the FilAmStar.net's Ed Yra (http://filamstar.net/index.php?id=2228). The raiding party swooped down on some 60 people who were watching a cockfight in progress.

Cockfighting, a popular pastime in the Philippines, is illegal in the United States. It pits specially bred and raised birds fitted with sharp spurs in a deadly duel while spectators place bets. Some Filipino Americans were among those cited.

Several men escaped but 32 were arrested, cited with misdemeanors and released. They could face fines of up to $5,000, one year in jail, or probation. Some had come from as far away as San Jose and Pittsburg.

Officers found two dead roosters and 50 live birds in the area. Yra reports that pens specifically built to house fighting roosters are easily visible to passersby in parts of American Canyon.