Vietnam is not competing in the World Cup, but that doesn't change Vietnamese-Americans' passion for soccer. Nguoi Viet, the Vietnamese-language newspaper based in Orange County (where the largest Vietnamese population outside of Vietnam resides) even sent a reporter to South Africa to cover the World Cup. In San Jose, home to the second-largest Vietnamese population in the United States, the World Cup has been a boon for local Vietnamese bars and coffee shops.

Calitoday reports that M Cafe, a Vietnamese bar and coffeeshop in San Jose, has gotten so crowded during games that the owners put up an extra tent to accommodate customers.

Of particular interest to the Vietnamese-American fans was, of course, the U.S. team, which tied with England 1-1 over the weekend. But Germany and Australia also drew a lot of viewers. Nam Nguyen, Calitoday's publisher and editor, said that for the next 30 days, "the economy in San Jose as far as the Vietnamese coffee shops and bars are concerned is going to boom. If anything, Vietnamese coffee shop and bar owners are predicting the volume of customers to increase beyond capacity as the matches draw to a conclusion."

The problem will come once the last goal is scored. The tents will be rolled up, and the economic recession will, alas, likely return.