On a quick errand run to San Francisco Stonestown mall last night, I stumbled upon a short line of folks standing up against the outside wall of the Apple store building.
I discovered that the line was only the beginning of the swarm of fans who would be making their way over to the nearest Apple store to get their hands on the new 4G iPhone.
And like a good little journalist, I snapped some video of the scene.

Amature but whatever, you get the point.

I can understand the desire for folks who play video games to wait outside their GameStop storefront to get their hands on the newest release of God of War. I get it, it's like an addiction, and the desire to know: What Happens Next? The same goes for movies like Harry Potter and Star Wars. Whatever you want to call it. It's the cliffhanger that makes you feel like you want to do almost anything to fill that void.

However, waiting in line for iPhones, iPads, PS3's and Wii's doesn't make a lot of sense to me. It isn't like the first day is the last day to buy the new iPhone. As though delaying the purchase for a day, week, month, hell -- even a year -- will make the purchase and better or worse.

The thing about Apple's releases is that Apple never comes out with just one product. Shortly after the release of one version, of let's say the iPhone, another version is introduced to the public. In true American fashion, no one can have just one, you have to have the one better than the first and the one after that.

I like my iPhone and I am sure I will get 4G Jealousy. But I am no position, or state of mind to stand in a line at 10pm on a Wednesday night. I'm the one sitting in the car with the heater on watching all those poor souls, while I laugh at the abursity of it all.

-- Eming Piansay