February 5, 2010, The New Parish in Oakland (previously known as Jimmie’s Nightclub) is filled with a diverse range of faces to celebrate and remember the life of Mike “Dream” Francisco. Three year old’s hit the floor rockin’ their best b-boy/b-girl moves along with veteran popper, Bionic Man. Older heads recollect their memories of chillin’ and mentoring the legendary graffiti writer, younger heads recall the pieces he created which inspired them to pick up a can, and his counterparts remembered the escapades.

(Via FOBBDeep)


This Friday had it’s elements of mourning for a legend lost way before his time, not to mention the sadness felt for Akil, Dream’s son, who recently lost his mother, Nikki Sellers, to breast cancer. Fortunately for Akil, he has a strong community of folks who want to ensure that his future shines bright.

Around midnight of this night, the host of the night made an announcement that inspired the crowd that came to support Dream and his seed: February 17 was officially declared by the city of Oakland as Dream Day.

How fresh is that? A person once considered a “vandal” becomes recognized by a city for the contributions to the community and has a day recognized for him.

Dream Day is actualized.

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