I just read that the Arctic will have ice-free summers within 2 decades, and among other things it will mean the end of the polar bears, and probably the penguins as well. They are great swimmers – penguins better than bears – but they all need ice and islands in order to venture out to deep sea for fishing. Without these ice covers they’d drown. it’s a horrible thought that these beautiful creatures will disappear along with the ice. We may not be able to stop global warming, and the pessimist tells us it’s all too late. But, in the meantime, we may be able to save the polar bears. And penguins.

So here’s an off-the-wall idea: Why not create artificial islands for them? I mean, we already trash the oceans to so badly that there are large landmasses of plastic debris forming in every major ocean, and the one in the Pacific is called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and it’s estimated twice the size of Texas. The impact on wildlife has been horrible, admittedly. But what if we intentionally create plastic islands? Why not turn bad habits into something constructive?

Right now the garbage patches seem to be submerged and not capable of sustaining the weight of polar bears but if we compact our trash the way we crush cars maybe they’ll be dense enough for the purpose. then haul those concentrated fake islands to the arctics and let the bears use them for anchors.

I mean, why not turn our trash into something that sustain life for once? I think drastic time requires drastic measures, and radical ideas. Just a thought…