Editor's note:  This post by Vu Linh originally appeared on Littlesaigoninside.blogspot.com.

The BBC came calling for an interview and so the international media circus has began. As an international student at San Jose State University, Phuong Ho has become a center of media attention for his unfortunate run-in with four San Jose City policemen in his dorm. He was allegedly beaten with batons and Taser gun while laying on the floor and handcuffed.

Undoubtedly the Vietnamese Consulate will become involved at one point or another to protect its citizen, especially one who has had his human rights violated. Today, Ho's lawyer, Nguyen Hoang Duyen, gave an interview with an international human rights group and filed a civil rights complaint. Nguyen is an associate dean of Lincoln Law School, a small private law school. The school’s faculty includes Ash Kalra (ex-public defender and currently San Jose city councilmember), and three superior court judges including Barrett Thang Nguyen and one of the well-known criminal lawyers in California, Guyton Jinkerson.

LSI is not a betting person, but it is a safe bet to say that the DA's office will not proceed with a trial and that the police officers will not be charged with anything.

The Asian Law Alliance will have a town hall meeting with representatives of community groups this Wednesday at 2:00 PM (at their headquarters) on the issue of police excessive use of force as well as civil rights of minorities in San Jose.

The San Jose Mercury News released a video of an unarmed San Jose State University Vietnamese student, Phuong Ho, a 20 year-old math major from Ho Chi Minh City, who was beaten 10 times with a baton and Tasered while he was handcuffed.

According to the San Jose Mercury News

“It takes me back to the day I saw the Rodney King video on TV,” said Roger Clark, a certified policing expert and a retired lieutenant with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, where he served for 27 years.

The video tape was made by his roommate using a cell phone and sold to Ho’s lawyer, Nguyen Hoang Duyen.

His roommate is an eyewitness and could not believe the beating of an unarmed classmate. The SJPD earlier this year shot to death Daniel Pham, a mentally retarded man, and so far has refused to release information about the case despite the community’s request.