There has been a lot of hooplah in the news about MJ's--The King of Pop-- death. Journalists all over the country are digging up the ultimate source hoping to get an inside look into this man who we all know through his music but not in any other way.
 Truthfully? It's very sad that someone lost their life, and I spent a good twenty minutes debating the topic of death with my friend the day he died. Why should I be sad, or even minutely blue...I didn't personally know Michael. He wasn't my friend. I don't know his favorite color, how he takes his coffee or what shows are his guilty pleasures.

I was blue though, and I couldn't tell you why.

The office here at NAM has been filled with the sounds of his more famous songs since last week, and today every TV and some computers, had his memorial service going on in the background. It was extravagant and showy, much like Jackson. But the last words, the final goodbye, were spoken by his eldest daughter (although I use the term " daughter" loosely after all the press on artificial insemination). Paris Jackson said he was the best father and that she loves him a lot.

I brushed the tears from my eyes. Yes, hiding them I suppose. That's neither here nor there.

I've watched my Facebook news feed become cluttered with "OMG, I can't believe he's gone," "RIP MJ ;*(" as well as various song lyrics. Do you all not remember the fact that MJ had become nearly certifiably crazy? That he was a pedophile? That he held his child out over a balcony, and that one of his children is named "Blanket?"

It worries me that in his posthumous state, everyone can forget that he had some real issues and had he not been MJ he would have been in jail, for sure.

CNN and Facebook joined together to run live, streaming coverage of the memorial service. The service was something like 2 hours long. Has the world gone mad? Where's the real news? What about the people who have died for a cause, perhaps? Why are we so celebrity obsessed?

Of course, that is my own, personal, humble opinion. I'm going to go listen to "The Way You Make Me Feel Now," excuse me.